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Odds are Bitcoin  Price Heads to $6,200 or Higher to $7,450 This Weekend

Beginning on March 20, the Bitcoin price spent 15 days trading in a range between $5,700-$6,900. After breaking out above this range, the price continued to increase, eventually reaching a high of $7,454. However, on April 10, a sharp drop was recorded in the BTC price that threatens taking the price back inside its previous range.

This range has been outlined by my opinion,who presents two potential scenarios for the BTC future movement:

-The $6,900 area holds and BTC begins an upward move towards area $7,450.;

-The support $6,900 area fails to hold and BTC decreases towards the of the
previous range at area $6,200 – $6,300.

At the time of writing, the price was trading at $6,889.

Nice trade & huge profit

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