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BTC Sportsbook

Online sports betting has taken the world by storm in recent years and the Bitcoin world took notice. Bitcoin sportsbook is some of the best Bitcoin gambling sites available today and offers an incredible array of wagering opportunities.

The lines and spreads available on the sites, as well as the range of sporting events, rival any fiat currency site. Many have become exclusively Bitcoin sports betting sites, deeming it the future of sports betting currency.

Several Bitcoin sportsbook platforms have been active longer than some of the top Bitcoin casinos, and they are certainly worth a look. If you are an avid sports bettor or are looking to dive into space, then Bitcoin sportsbooks are definitely a great choice.


These are our top picks for sports betting with Bitcoin online:


Bitcoin is a cryptocurrency whose usage has risen drastically in popularity in the past few years. Most experts speculate that the current market cap of bitcoins is in billions of dollars. Bitcoin industry estimates suggest that almost half of the transactions which involve this currency fall under the category of gambling.


1. Low-cost and hassle-free payment processing

Almost all transactions of this crypto-currency are completely free of charge. Therefore, this makes a transfer of funds quick and cheap. Processing of payment is the biggest expense for online gambling sites, but this is a nonexistent cost for Bitcoin gambling sites. Most sports betting sites based on fiat-currency need to employ support staff for efficient processing of deposits and withdrawals, but Bitcoin sportsbook platforms can save this cost.

Most fiat-currency based sports betting sites take a lot of time to process withdrawal requests. This is primarily because payments are made through checks or bank wires, which require completion of several regulatory procedures. Also, these sites ask you to submit a long list of documentation before you can withdraw funds. All these measures are followed to make sure that your money is protected during transactions. However, a Bitcoin sportsbook will rarely ever ask for any documentation because such details are not mandatory for the security of your funds. 

2. Almost anonymous

Although bitcoin transactions might not be fully anonymous, they are the closest you can get to anonymity in making online fund transfers. The only way to track Bitcoin transactions is via the blockchain, but this process demands plenty of effort and after that also it would be hard for someone to determine where the funds are being transferred. The biggest advantage of Bitcoin is that it leaves no paper trail, which makes it completely untraceable. That gives Bitcoin sportsbooks a clear advantage over their fiat currency peers.

Fiat-currency based sports betting sites require a lot of personal information such as your name, address, contact number, email and age. Additionally, for withdrawal of funds, they ask for utility bills, bank statements, copies of your debit or credit card. This makes it impossible for you to gamble anonymously on these sites. Many of the fiat-currency based gambling sites are restricted for residents of some countries, but you won’t find any such restrictions on Bitcoin sportsbook and gambling sites.

3. Better bonuses and odds

As the operating costs of Bitcoin gambling sites are less than that of fiat-based gambling sites, the Bitcoin sportsbook is able to provide more competitive odds when compared to their fiat-based counterparts. Although this is not necessarily true in every case, the Bitcoin gambling industry as a whole provides better bonuses and odds on average when compared to the fiat-currency based gambling sites. Bitcoin sportsbook platforms are not an exception.


Choosing the best site to place your sports bets is highly important to succeed in this business. Therefore, the first thing you must find about a site is its reputation in the industry. This site must be trustworthy with a track record of a fully secure payment process. This knowledge about the sports betting site will allow you to join the site with an increased level of trust. 

Also, it’s important that the site you choose must be easy to navigate where all the pertinent information is quickly available. There are several important data and stats which you will need to keep track of after placing your bets. Make sure that all such stats and data are updated in real-time on the site, any time-lag can prove to be a costly mistake. Almost all the sports betting sites differ in design and your task should be to find the website that gives you a feeling that it was designed keeping you in mind. 

It’s better if the sports betting website not only offers you the opportunity to bet on sporting events but also on political and TV events. Compare various sites on the variety of bonuses and promotional offers, but don’t choose the one with most offers if the abovementioned criteria are not fulfilled. Always perform a comparison of promotions and bonuses as the last step of the selection process. 


Bitcoin is a highly secure, inflation-proof and fast-moving currency, with a self-imposed market cap. These features make this crypto-currency immensely popular among online gamblers. However, in the case of sports betting, you must realize the importance of discipline and patience. By understanding the procedure and practicing due diligence, you can truly enjoy betting at Bitcoin sports betting sites.

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